BSI Aikido

 BSI Aikido web page has moved to the official BSI page. Check

Flag_noHjemmesida er på engelsk for å ønske utvekslingsstudenter velkommen. Det er også mulig å få opplysning og treningsråd på norsk.

Flag_en The website is written in English to welcome the exchange students. Information and training instruction can be provide in Norwegian though.

BSI Aikido is the Aikido student club of Bergen, Norway. We are organized under BSI, Bergen Studentidrettslag, the sport organization of the University of Bergen. We are member of NAF, the Norwegian Aikido Federation and NKF, the Norwegian Martial Art Federation, which provides our insurance.

Practice is open to students and non-students and we aim at creating a good interaction between people coming from different backgrounds.

Special attention is given to beginners. We recommend new beginners to read the informations contained within the website. Beginners can practice in regular sports clothes for a few weeks, however a keikogi (litt. “training clothe”) is necessary for regular practice. Arrangements will be made for beginners to obtain such a keikogi.

BSI Aikido accepts new members all over the year!

Learn more by browsing our website!

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